Every day, lawyers, paralegals and notaries manage orders, documentary evidence and contracts, in short, private and confidential documents with great importance for the people involved, which require strict secrecy.

Legal firms that have experienced a data security breach identify the main negative effects as: damage to their reputation, loss of professional confidence and the danger of the situation becoming known outside the office.

How will SealPath help you?

SealPath enables you to easily protect the sensitive information of your firm and your clients, without requiring a lot of computer knowledge, allowing you to spend your time on more important tasks.

Create access policies for each client so that you have full control of each document you send, giving it full protection. It is easy to choose who can access these files.

You do not have to upload your client's documents to a document cloud. You use your own folders, file servers or document managers. Share sensitive documents by email or any method you like. Your information and your clients' information will remain secure, wherever it goes.

Health care and related personal data are one of the most regulated aspects in regulations governing the protection of personal information from third parties. Regulations such as HIPAA in the United States and European data protection directives limit and impose responsibility for patient information at clinics, private offices and hospitals.

How will SealPath help you?

These regulations consider medical records to be highly sensitive personal data. SealPath enables health care facilities and professionals to protect all patient documents simply and effectively, limiting access to authorized personnel by means of the permissions established by the administrator, all in real time.

The documents will be protected and your information will be secure, even if someone removes it on a flash drive or emails it to a third party.

In industries where research and development activities constitute a competitive advantage, it is essential to keep confidential information secure. Whether it is an advance in materials technology, machinery and tools, biosciences, or another industry, companies that invest heavily in research and development handle documents which could cause them to lose strategic advantages if they fell into a competitor's hands.

How will SealPath help you?

With SealPath, you can protect the critical information for a given research and development project, giving access to anyone who is necessary. Your associates can have temporary access to this information and you can revoke this access when the collaboration has concluded.

You can keep any existing copy of your documents safe and set it to expire, making it inaccessible to third parties whenever you consider it necessary.

In the engineering and component manufacturing industry, firms work closely with a large number of suppliers and customers every day. They exchange plans, part designs, product specifications, RFPs, etc., sometimes with subcontractors who they are not 100% confident about.

In these cases, you would like your temporary associates to have access to the information while they need it, but not once the project is completed. In addition, these associates need to work with and edit the documents. For this reason, it is not always feasible to give them access to a website where they can view read-only documents. In order to be productive, they need to manage the documents using their regular tools.

How will SealPath help you?

SealPath allows you to give these temporary associates access to the information while they need it, but once the project is completed, they lose access. Increase the productivity of your team and associates by enabling them to manage these documents using their regular editing tools, as easily as if they were unprotected.

Create protections for specific projects (e.g. New Manufacturing System RFP) and with a simple drag-and-drop operation, protect all the documents associated with this project. Manage and change permissions for all company documents protected with the same policy and monitor what internal and external personnel have access to these confidential documents.

Companies and independent professionals in the financial sector regularly exchange hundreds of confidential documents related to audits, accounts, balance sheets and financial reports, and a long list of documents with strategic importance for companies, which require special protection.

How will SealPath help you?

Data loss can have serious repercussions for your company or your customers, and can do irreparable harm to your reputation. SealPath will protect your financial documents and those of your customers. Ensure their confidence and gain peace of mind: effectively and securely manage confidential information and turn protecting your customers' sensitive information into a competitive advantage.

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