Secure collaboration


More control when working with others

Since information has become available in digital format, more and more ways of making it easier to share information have appeared: sending via email, sharing via a document manager accessible to partners, managed file transfer systems, IM, etc. Other ways of sharing digital information involve the use of physical media such as flash drives, etc.

In recent years, the trend in data leak prevention systems (DLPs) has been to erect barriers against sharing confidential information at each of the possible points where information can get out. The most complex systems involve implementing controls on PCs, on the perimeter, controlling devices such as USBs, etc.

No barriers to your productivity

Curbing sharing also means curbing the company's productivity. In addition, in many cases it is a lost cause, as it is extremely challenging to control all the possible types of mechanisms for transmitting information in existence. Sometimes, productivity requirements (e.g. sending a critical document to a customer) mean that the doors of this technology should open in cases of false positives.

The explosion of cloud computing is moving the previous boundaries of companies, located at a firewall, Internet access point or hosts, to the information itself. It is necessary to foster productivity within the company while retaining control and security for companies' most important asset: information itself.

How will SealPath help me?

SealPath facilities secure information sharing, keeping the protection with the data or documents themselves. Share the documents with anyone you want, using the method of your choice. Upload it to the cloud, send it via email or transfer it to a USB drive, while still remaining confident that your information is protected, wherever it is. Revoke access when you stop working with a partner, control who has access, track the data that are important to you. You don't limit how the information is shared, you limit who can access it and what they can do with it.

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