Preventing data leaks

data leak

Close the door on data leaks

It is not unusual to see news stories about companies or organizations that have suffered a significant loss of data, whether due to theft or negligence. Information breaches lead to financial losses, including those associated with legal expenses and fines, as well as indirect costs such as lost customers or competitive advantage and a decline in image and reputation.

Common causes of information breaches

Even though data leaks caused by malicious attacks, hacking, etc. occur, the main cause of data loss is still negligence. That is, it is not normally a hacker who causes a data leak, but rather, it is sometimes the company's best employees who make unfortunate mistakes.

In addition, when employees leave the company either because they are moving to another firm or because they were dismissed, sensitive information also leaves the company. Normally, when an employee leaves a company, this means documents leaving in digital format. This can be via email, flash drive, Dropbox, etc.

How does SealPath prevent data leaks?

you help people to protect their important information

Create a culture of information protection

SealPath makes it easier to protect information and when you share protected documents with other people, you will be helping to make them aware that this information must be protected. Create protection policies and share them with other users to keep sensitive information protected.

you can view who has access, including associatess and partners or employees

Know the level of exposure of sensitive information

With SealPath you can see what documents are accessible to a given person, both within and outside the organization. Regardless of where this information is, you will know who the potential users are, including former associates and employees.

you can restrict access to a documents to someone that has left the company

Restrict access to information, wherever it is

If an employee leaves the company or you stop working with a partner, with just a few clicks, you can prevent them from having access to this information. You can also transfer permissions or ownership of the documents from one person to another.

with sealpath DLP technology is much easier

Get the most out of DLP technologies

Sometimes the most complicated part of a DLP (data leak prevention) system is knowing what can leave the organization and what cannot, or who can remove it. This makes configuration much more complicated. However, SealPath makes it much easier to configure and for example, determine that only documents protected by SealPath can leave the company, whether they are public or restricted.

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