Bring Your Own Device & Mobile Information Management

Bring Your Own Device & Mobile Information Management

The corporate confidential information safe on mobile devices

More and more corporate information is transferred every day to mobile devices that outside the security perimeter of the enterprise. The employees use even their personal devices (tablets, iPhones, laptops, etc.) to access corporate data from home or when they are travelling.

To control the devices from which the employees access corporate information, some companies choose Mobile Device Management technologies. These products allow you to control and lock down the device remotely or do a remote wipe in case of loss. An evolution of MDM technologies are Mobile Application Management products, seeking to control the applications that the business user can run on the device. It is like MDM, except it is only applied to specific applications on a device instead of the entire device. With MAM, the IT department can lock down, control and secure just their specific corporate applications, and the rest of the device can still be controlled by the user.

Manage the information instead of the device or the applications

One step beyond Mobile Application Management is Mobile Information Management. In this case the data or documents, rather than the applications, travel protected with their access permissions. You use the same applications to open personal or corporate documents. But when you are working with corporate data the application can behave differently giving you limited control over the document.

Information Rights Management and Mobile Information Management

With the Information Rights Management (IRM) technology, used by SealPath, it is possible to protect the documents so that they travel with their own protection shell and access permissions. This allows you to control who can access your confidential documents wherever they are (laptop at home, personal mobile device, etc.). Furthermore, through the use of Information Rights Management you will control your documents not only when they are on the devices of your employees but also on the devices of partners or people outside your company.

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