Protection for Confidential Information


Your information is secure, wherever it is

We move in a digital environment. All companies work with information, files and documents in digital format which travel over the Internet. The ways into these files have multiplied and any employee with access to a file server is a potential user of your company's confidential information.

There is virtually no end of examples of sensitive and confidential documents: customer lists, employee payroll information, design documents for the company's strategic projects, documents which constitute a competitive advantage over the competition, etc. If certain precautions are not taken, you are leaving the way open for your critical information to reach someone who you don't want to gain access and they could use it in ways that would be harmful to you.

How will SealPath help you?

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Classify your confidential information

Create protections with a description to easily classify all the sensitive documents protected with these protections.

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Create a culture of protection

When you share protected documents, you will be telling others that what you are sharing is sensitive and confidential, and you will ensure that they keep your documents protected.

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Reinforce your NDAs

If you are going to share sensitive information with a partner and you have signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), protect your documents with SealPath to restrict access to them, as indicated in the agreement. You can give permissions to your partner so that they can add their own associates who need access to the information, while at all times knowing who has access.

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Protect the information, wherever it is

SealPath protection travels with the document, meaning that access will be restricted wherever the document is. Only the people you want will access the document. For example, only the sales teams will have access to sales information, and R&D will only be able to see information on R&D.

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