Borderless Networks


Where is your network perimeter?

A few decades ago, information security focused on protecting access to networks by putting up "walls" around the perimeter of companies, like the firewalls that restrict access to corporate systems. Years later, security control moved to the host. It was not enough to protect the network, it was also necessary to protect access to the different hosts and endpoints for the network.

Today however, as predicted by Dan Hitchcock in the document "Evolution of Information Security Technologies," we have moved from the era of network security and the era of host security to the era of data security.

The days when the boundaries of the company┬┤s perimeter were marked at the firewall or Internet access point, the applications that could be used were controlled, etc. have ended. Not only are users bringing applications to the company, but companies are also adopting more and more SaaS solutions for which access is already outside the "old" perimeter or boundary of the corporate network.

Protect your transition to the cloud with SealPath

The boom in the use of mobile devices and the trend towards BYOD (bring your own device) mean that data are no longer only on PCs where specific security applications for end-points imposed certain controls and security measures. Critical company documents are now on SaaS document managers, as well as the mobile devices of any company employee. In reality, all companies require a border or boundary that delimits their "property." The unstoppable evolution of information technology towards the cloud is defining the boundary of companies as being at their own data and documents.

With data being increasing more "mobile," stored within and outside the company, on mobile devices and PCs, etc., it is necessary to evolve from protection technologies based on protecting the perimeter or the device/host, to protecting the information or documents themselves.

SealPath enables you to move your company's boundary to the documents themselves. You decide who has access to your documents, regardless of where they are. Move them using the applications that offer you the most productivity, SaaS, on-premise, etc., but remain confident that you have ultimate access control over this information, wherever it may be.

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