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End-user portal

Selecting the option "user" you will enter to the web portal where you will be able to modify your profile (password reset, etc.), download applications, access to knowledge base links, etc.



Web control panel for administrators

Selecting the option "administrator" you will enter to the web control panel for administrators of SealPath Enterprise: Administrators will have complete control and visibility of corporate documents protected with SealPath. Outsiders accessing to your corporate documentation wherever it is, etc. There are also tools to transfer document ownership from one user to another one, block access to a critical corporate document although it is not in your hands, etc.

Control panel


Download software
sealpath desktop protects your documents in a very easy way SealPath Desktop

It is the application that allows you to protect the documents with an easy "drag&drop" operation. It includes also plugins for protecting documents from Microsoft Office or with a mouse right-click over a document.



you will need sealpath lite if you have recieved a protected PDF document and you do not have sealpath desktop installed SealPath Lite

If someone has sent you a PDF document protected with SealPath, and you haven´t SealPath Desktop installed, you will need SealPath Lite to open it. It is very light (5MB) and doesn´t require administrator privileges to be installed.



RMS plugin for AutoCAD RMS plugin for AutoCAD

Keep protected and under control your AutoCAD drawings with the RMS plugin for AutoCAD. Protect the drawing with AD-RMS or Azure RMS and with this plugin and your users or partners will be able to open it with the granted rights: View only, edit, print/plot, copy & paste.

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