SealPath Professional SaaS


Simple and effective protection

SealPath Professional SaaS gives you a simple way to protect your most critical documents so that you can keep control of them, even when they are not in your hands. With SealPath, you can continue to retain ownership of the documents which are important for your business: remotely revoke access, monitor whether someone is trying to access them without permission, etc.

protect, access, simplify and manage with sealpath professional

What does SealPath Professional do?

create, protect and share with sealpath professional

Securely create, protect and share your documents.

protects your documents with sealpath professional

Protect your documents, wherever they are.

limit the actions over your documents and emails

Limit what can be done with your documents or emails.

control who views and when

Monitor who views them and when.

does not interfere on your work

It does not interfere with how you work.

Main benefits for professionals

benefits for you as protecting your most important documents

Protect your most important information

With SealPath, you can keep your documents and emails under control, even after you have sent them out and they are no longer in your hands. You can remotely revoke access or "destroy" the documents sent.

sharing securely is a benefit

Share securely

Protect the document and share it with anyone you want, however you want. Send it the same way you usually do: by email, upload it to SharePoint, share it via Office 365, Google Docs or Dropbox. You can be confident that your document will be protected wherever it is and that only the people you choose will have access to it.

you can prevent data leaks and hackings

Prevent data loss

Even though data leaks caused by malicious attacks, hacking, etc. occur, the main cause of data loss is still negligence. That is, it is not normally a hacker who causes a data leak, but errors in how we manage our data. SealPath protects the documents on your PC or flash drive or that you send using any method.

meet data protection audits

Comply with data protection audits

Obtain a detailed list of accesses to your documents, including blocked or undesired access attempts. Find out who has already accessed a sent document.

you do not have to change thw way you work

Without changing how you work

Use Office and Acrobat Reader to access your protected documents. Protect documents with a right-click or a simple drag-and-drop operation. Protect emails and attachments through Microsoft Outlook. Avoid having to remember passwords for your documents.

Recommended for…

Professionals who need to share documents with significant value for their business. Especially suitable for areas such as design and patents, medicine and biotechnology, finance and legal or manufacturing. Gain peace of mind when sharing your documents.

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