SealPath Enterprise SaaS


Information protection for Enterprises with cloud-based solution

Protect your work group or company's documents and emails and keep them under control. With SealPath Enterprise SaaS, you will be able to know who within your organization or team has access to important documents that have been protected. You can also find out who outside your organization has access to protected documents and you can revoke access even when the documents are not in your power. It logs warnings of attempts to access protected documents blocked due to lack of permissions. SealPath Enterprise SaaS is designed for small and medium-sized companies or even work groups within large companies/multinationals.

What does SealPath Enterprise SaaS do?

control and view the documents, does not matter where they are

Document control and visibility, wherever they are

control and view the documents, does not matter where they are

Protection that travels with your document and emails

meets the laws and compliances

Easier audits and regulatory compliance

you do not have to involve the administrator for every decision

Users classify and protect their confidential emails and files

information can be viewed from a central panel

Centralized monitoring from a single web console

Main benefits for work groups and companies

keep control over a document and revoke accesses remotely

Secure internal/external collaboration

Keep your documents under control when you share them within and outside your organization. Revoke access remotely. Prevent someone who has left the organization or work group from continuing to have access to documents, even if they are on their personal computer or somewhere else.

meet with all the government laws and restrictions

Reduce risks and legal liability

Avoid non-fulfillment of regulations and financial losses resulting from negligence and data leaks. Respect the standards established by the main regulations governing the protection of sensitive data. Gain peace of mind with a tool that gives you significant control over monitoring sensitive documents.

the administrator is not involved everyday, but he has control over the documents

Operational efficiency and quick deployments

The administrator does not need to be involved for the members of a work group to share important documents with third parties. SealPath offers decentralized management, making it easier for departments, teams and individuals to collaborate securely, smoothly and productively, reducing the workload of IT staff. At the same time, it provides centralized monitoring which makes it possible to audit what has happened with an important document or revoke access for certain people.

nobody will access a document without your permission, just the people you want

Make the cloud a more secure place

Keep your documents in any cloud you want, with the confidence that they will only be accessible to the people you choose. Your documents will be under control not only in your private cloud but also in any other private or public cloud

with sealpath the cloud is more safe, and your company can save money

Return on investment

For privacy reasons, some companies are reluctant to move their file servers to the cloud. Save with the cloud by increasing your level of privacy. You will be the one to control access to your documents, even if they are on a remote infrastructure, in another country, etc.

Recommended for…

Teams and companies that require flexible, simple and secure document exchange for their business. Any company that needs to privately exchange documents will benefit from SealPath, primarily in the legal, industrial design and patents, biotechnology and research, and financial industries, among others. Gain peace of mind when working with others outside your organization.

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