Auto-Protector for DMS, ERPs & CRMs

Automatic protection for document management systems, ERPs or CRMs

If you have a document management system in your company SealPath auto-protector can be integrated with it so that all or specific documents downloaded from it are protected and under your control. SealPath auto-protector also integrates with ERP or CRM systems through a comprehensive SDK/API. This way, the auto-generated documents downloaded from these systems can be protected and you will be in control of them and their copies.


Protege automáticamente la documentación descargada de repositorios

Automatically protects downloaded documentation

Se integra con sistemas ERP o CRM

Integrates with ERPs and CRMs through an SDK/API

Incluye protección en tus workflows de documentación interna

Can embed protection in internal documentation workflows

Main benefits

Controla las copias que se descargan desde los repositorios

Control copies downloaded from repositories

You can restrict access permissions to folders in your document management system (Sharepoint, Alfresco, etc.), but what happens when someone has already downloaded a document? He can send it through email or share it with anyone. You lose the control over the downloaded copies. SealPath auto-protector can secure the downloaded documents and allows you to control them wherever they are.

Exhaustiva analítica de acceso a los documentos descargados

Powerful analytics regarding the accesses to the downloaded documents

Through the SealPath Enterprise’s control panel (SaaS or On-Premise) you will see who is accessing your downloaded documents, blocked accesses, documents that have been unprotected, etc. You can use full-text search to view all the users that have access to a specific document, all the documents accessed by a user, etc.

Revoca accesos a las copias o destrúyelas en remoto

Revoke Access or destroy the copies remotely

A user has downloaded several documents from your Document Management System, CRM or ERP. If these documents have been secured by SealPath during the download, you will be able to destroy them remotely or restrict access to them even when they are stored in the personal desktop of an employee at his/her home or in the network of a client or a contractor.

Integración con sistemas ERP o CRM

Integration with ERPs or CRM systems

Through a simple SDK all the auto-generated documents from an ERP or CRM system can be automatically protected. We integrate SealPath in your documentation workflows so that you can keep control over the copies of confidential information extracted from your systems.

Recommended for…

Companies that want to protect all the documents downloaded from their document management systems, ERPs or CRMs, and keep them under their control. With SealPath they will assure that the enterprise will still be in control of the downloaded documentation even when it has been copied several times or moved to other devices and networks.

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