Focusing on the channel

SealPath sells its solutions primarily through channel partners. Our aim is to work with value-added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to reach more of our target customers.

VADs (Value Added Distributors)


BlueZebra - Thailand

BlueZebra Network Security is the leading provider of Security Appliances for SMB, Enterprise, Educational, Government, Health Care, and Financial markets. They offer the world's most effective security solutions. Their objective is to provide network security solutions that are affordable while maintain feature-rich attributes.

Hermitage Solutions

Hermitage Solutions - France & Belgium

Hermitage Solutions is a Value-Added Distributor that markets its offerings through a channel of resellers and system integrators, supporting them every day at pre-sales, training and marketing. Hermitage solutions provides its partners innovation, proximity and expertise.


Ingecom - Spain and Portugal

Ingecom, leading value-added distributor, provides tested and certified solutions to networking and security integrators. Ingecom is constantly in touch with new technologies so that any technological evolution can be applied to their clients. Ingecom is the exclusive VAD of SealPath in Spain and Portugal.

Innova TC

Innova TC - Perú

Innova TC aims to ensure that their business partners make the most of the business opportunities with the technologies they represent, designing a turnkey strategy with each and every one of them. SealPath exclusively distributes its security solutions in Peru through Innova TC and its partners.


MultiPoint - Israel

MultiPoint is a leading distributor of IT security and Internet technology solutions, providing the Israeli channel partners with reliable solutions from world-leading manufacturers. Their product portfolio is backed by an extensive range of professional services, to ensure channel partners deliver competitive advantage to their customers.


Nesedo - Germany

Nesedo is a Value-Added-Distributor focused in IT Security that advise their partners in choosing the best solution for their customers and find with them the solution that meets the customer's exact requirements and the optimum value for money offers. Their goal is generating value which will help partners to create new revenue streams.


NSS - South East Europe including Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Balkan & Adriatic countries

NSS is an international Value-Added Distributor of leading edge IT solutions, covering technology areas including information security, networking, unified communications, data storage, virtualization, and data centre systems.


Prianto - Germany, Austria & Switzerland (DACH)

Prianto is one of the leading distributors focused on enterprise software in Germany with branches in Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, BeNeLux states and Poland. They build trusting and successful relationships with resellers, offer high-margin and innovative Solutions, profound support and dedicated go-to-market strategies.


SafeLatina - Brasil

SafeLatina is a company specialized in information security that has more than 4,000 customers in 5 Latin American countries where it operates: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Safelatina is the official dealer of SealPath in Brazil.


VEMI - Poland

Vemi is a distributor of IT security systems. They are introducing to the Polish market competitive and innovative solutions. Their products have been carefully selected and tested by experienced experts. They guarantee their partners and customers with the highest quality support in the selection process, sales, implementation, and operation.

System Integrators, Value Added Resellers and Service Providers


ABGAM-SEGULA Technologies - Spain

ABGAM-SEGULA Technologies is an engineering and consultancy company in advanced innovation, part of the international Segula Technologies Group. Its fields of expertise are Aerospace, Automotive, Industries and Proceses, etc. It works in the area of PLM solutions deployment, Engineering Design and Computation, and Processes.


Arsenet - Spain

Arsenet is an Internet service provider with over 20 years experience, offering solutions in the field of Cloud Hosting, VPS, Remote Backup, VoIP or managed email among others. With a highly qualified staff, Arsenet addresses any problem on its customers, providing global solutions tailored to the needs at reasonable costs.


Cistec - Spain

With a powerful technical team, backed by awards and prizes, Cistec differentiation is based on how they use technology when providing solutions to their customers. They are long-term solutions that achieve good management of computing resources by optimizing their customers' processes.


Connectis - Spain

Connectis Consulting Services provides IT services that help organizations in the public and private sectors to develop their activities and business in the most efficient and cost effective manner. The Connectis Consulting Services approach focuses on helping organizations make the right decisions.


CSA - Spain

CSA is a company specialized in Consulting, Systems Integration and Development, Information and Security Systems Infrastructure. All the projects where they take part have a high tecnological value, but always keeping in mind the final goal for which they are created.


Eikon-Digital - Spain

Eikon-Digital is an expert company in designing technology architectures, knowledge management and collaboration systems, which helps customers protect their digital assets and information from data leakage.

Global System Security - GSS

Global System Security - Perú

In GSS PERU we work for being a world class company offering information technology products and services for enterprises in Peru. Driven by a group of professionals that help our clients to make their processes more efficient with our solutions, we add value to the business in order our partners obtain high returns with us.


HSI - Spain

With over 20 years of experience, HSI has a highly qualified, motivated and customer-oriented team in the IT consultancy sector. HSI focuses on ensure the highest quality in the implementation of IT solutions for their customers. HSI has been rewarded with the confidence of many companies and government agencies.


Irivinsu - Mexico

Irivinsu is a Cloud Services Provider in Mexico specialized in hosting. Among others solutions, Irivinsu resells SealPath Enterprise SaaS and Professional. It is also specialized in providing consultancy services in the area of data privacy and compliance.


Kabel - Spain

KABEL is an employee-owned IT services company that offers solutions that allow its clients to become market leaders. Kabel is specialized in the conceptualization, design, development, implementation, optimization and evolution of Solutions by using their deep knowledge of both the technology and internet.

Know-How Millenium

Know-How Millenium - Spain

Know How Millenium was founded in 1998 with the purpose of providing professional services in the areas of Information Technology and Marketing. It is specialized in solving efficiently the reuse of platforms for new applications, optimizing costs and achieving ROI in the short term.


Nextel - Spain

Nextel S.A., is a company dedicated to IT Engineering & Consulting, specializing in the management of telecommunications services and information technology. They are committed to delivering the best solutions, based on the new technologies, system optimization and information security.

NSI Soluciones

NSI Soluciones - Panama

Market leader in consultancy automation and continuous improvement of processes, considering content management, mobility and business intelligence. With more than 300 customers have implemented solutions in many Latin American countries besides Panama.


Pronet - Greece

Pronet provides technology, services and support to help customers protect, maintain and manage their infrastructure and applications. Pronet, based on its expertise and knowledge has segmented its services in the areas of Systems Centralization, Virtualization and Protection.


Secura - Spain

Secura provides Consulting, Audit, Training and Integration in the field of computer security. The main target of Secura, is taking care of the technological resources of its customers, optimize productivity and protect them from any threat. Secura offers a highly specialized service to both SMEs and large companies and consulting firms.


Serban - Spain

SERBAN is a company specialized in the use of new technologies focused on the enhancement of productivity, efficiency and cost savings for their customers. Their main lines of business are solutions based on the biometric digitalized signature, integral solutions of virtualization, and information security.


Sincronet - Spain

Sincronet is a company designed and oriented to provide Managed Services and IT Support. Its background has 9 years of experience providing solutions in the IT sector. They offer specific solutions such as system monitoring, security management platforms, solutions in dedicated and cloud management Data Centers.

TI Consulting

TI Consulting - Central America

TIConsulting is a technology solutions integrator operating in Central America. It is specialized in security solutions, communications and development of custom applications. TIConsulting provides SealPath's protection solution to its corporate customers in order to protect their critical documentation protected and under control.


Unidirect - Spain

Security solutions integrator in Spain, Unidirect offers solutions and services for the management of the IT infrastructure and for the security of networks, systems, data and applications. Unidirect integrates SealPath's on-premise and cloud solutions to its end customers.


Unitel - Spain

Unitel - Telecommunications Systems, is a technology solutions integrator company with over 15 years experience. Unitel, specialized in consulting and communications systems, put their focus on trying to humanize technology so that it is easier to use and work with.

Business Partners


Biz The World

Biz The World is created with a design to provide much needed responses and enable organizations to approach international projects within technology and business environment. They specialize in putting into operation structures, sales processes, marketing strategies and support teams at local level in number of countries.

Technology Partners



SealPath uses AD RMS (Active Directory Rights Management Services) protection and information technology. AD RMS is a mature, proven information protection technology that natively integrates with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products.

Why become a partner?

Obtain additional revenue per customer with attractive margins

Without having to invest in additional infrastructure, you can obtain additional revenue from your customers, providing them with access to an innovative document protection and control solution.

Complete your portfolio of solutions. Upsell other services

If you offer back-up, storage and document management solutions, you can make your solutions stand out from the rest and encourage sales by offering a solution that allows your customers to retain control of their documents after they are shared.

Offer and bill for value-added services with the solution

SealPath has a low cost of ownership and requires minimal management. As a partner, you can manage the configuration of document protections for your clients using an administration console, providing them with document security monitoring and management.

We adapt to suit your business model

Whether you are a technology reseller, a managed service provider, an ISP or an integrator, we have a partnership model to meet your needs.

sell sealpath with attractive margins

For VARs and Resellers

The option of reselling the solution with attractive margins.

add value for your customers

For Managed Service Providers and ISPs

Complete your cloud services offerings, adding value for your customers. With the SealPath APS (Application Packaging Standard), we are integrated with Parallels Operations Automation (POA) and Parallels Business Automation Standard (PBA-S).

integrate the solution in the infraestructure of your customer

For Integrators and Providers of Professional Services

Contact us to find out more about our on-premise solutions or the possibility of integrating our solution into your customers' infrastructure.

the solution can be integrated into different interfaces

For Technology Partners

If you want to integrate SealPath into your solutions, we offer a modularized solution which can easily be integrated into different interfaces (REST, .Net, etc.) via APIs/SDKs.

Benefits for Partners

you can close the sales faster

Closing sales faster

With our subscription-based pricing model and no upfront costs, you will be able to close more sales more quickly. You can instantly offer trials so that your customer will quickly be able to take advantage of the value of the SealPath solution.

subscriptions can generate revenews for partners

Recurring profits

In addition to the initial sales, subscription renewals generate recurring profits for SealPath partners.

get more references from sealpath

Allocation of sales opportunities

Our partners will receive referrals supplied by SealPath's lead generation activities.

get presentations, more tools, data sheet from sealpath

Sales tools

We provide presentations, ROI demonstration tools, comparisons, product fact sheets and other materials that will help you with your sales.

do some marketing activities with sealpath

Joint marketing activities

Partners may be selected for joint marketing campaigns and to co-finance local marketing actions such as promotions, events, etc.

you will have formation about the tool, online courses...)

Access to training resources

You will have access to training on the tool, online courses, detailed product guides, etc.

contact  the sealpath technical staff for pre sales activities

Technical support

Access to SealPath technical staff for pre-sales activities.

Contact us

Contact us today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , through phone at +44 (0) 7958 136480, or using our web contact form to find out more about the SealPath Partners Program.

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