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In this blog we present you the new email and attachment protection plugin from SealPath. SealPath for Outlook is an optional add-on for the SealPath Information Rights Management platform. Available to all Microsoft Outlook users, SealPath for Outlook adds encryption, permission controls, audit capabilities, and remote data removal, to bring you a simple, flexible and cost-effective way of protecting e-mails and attachments. With SealPath for Outlook businesses can protect their confidential information through simple user controls within the interface of the e-mail client itself.

Data leaks over e-mail

E-mail remains the most widely used tool for exchanging documents among corporate users. There are in the region of 205 billion e-mails sent each day, and business users receive an average of around 122 e-mails a day. Depending on the industry, it is common to send confidential documentation via e-mail on a daily basis, or to send information that should be protected (e.g. patient information, financial information, etc.). According to reports by Radicati Group, 53% of business users have received e-mails or attachments containing decrypted sensitive corporate information, and 21% had sent decrypted confidential information. Further information from Osterman Research shows that 22% of businesses experience some form of e-mail based data leak, either malicious or through negligence, on a yearly basis. As a result of being one of the most widely used means of communication in the corporate world, e-mail represents one of the channels through which businesses can be most affected by information leaks.

Current barriers to using encryption technology via e-mail

For many corporate users, sending encrypted documentation in e-mail attachments continues to be an issue. Having to exchange public keys with other users – and with those concepts lacking accessibility for users with a limited technological background – makes the job of encrypting an e-mail an uphill struggle for certain users. For others, having to upload a document to a cloud or a document manager, and then needing to send a link, also entails taking extra steps that lie outside of their regular workflows. When it comes to applying security measures to e-mail information in a corporate environment, ease-of-use plays a key role.

SealPath for Outlook

Microsoft Outlook remains one of the most popular e-mail clients in the corporate environment. SealPath for Outlook allows users to protect their e-mails and attachments in a straight-forward way. In just one click, users can choose to protect attachments for all recipients and provide, for example, permission to view and edit, whilst still preventing recipients from printing or using copy and paste.
SealPath includes a guidance signature at the foot of the e-mail which gives the recipients a simplistic explanation of what to do in order to open the documents. The signature is configurable and can include the company’s logo or styling in such a way that the recipient will know who is providing the protection.
SealPath for Outlook offers some very exciting e-mail protection features. Faced with mitigating the problem of inadvertently sending sensitive information to others, SealPath allows you to “destroy” or revoke access to documents and e-mails if they have been protected by SealPath. You will be able to see if the user has opened the message and attachments they have received. You can also add expiry dates to messages.

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SealPath’s functionality lets you:

Limit e-mail and attachment usage authorisations.

  • Encrypt e-mails and attachments containing confidential or sensitive information.
  • Include expiry dates and watermarks on attachments.
  • Keep your business cost-effective and flexible with the ability to implement it in a certain department, project, or the whole business.
  • Open protected attachments and messages without having to use Outlook (Works with any client) and on any device (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).
  • Available in both the Cloud and On-Premise versions of SealPath.
  • Add a configurable signature to e-mails indicating that they are protected.

With SealPath for Outlook you can overcome one of the main barriers to protecting e-mailed documentation: Complexity or the need for technical expertise. Upon attaching a file, users will see an icon which will let them add protection in a user-friendly manner. The recipient receives instructions, in the e-mail itself, which outline the steps to follow when opening the protected documents. It’s no longer necessary to use password protection and then send the password in a separate e-mail, or manage public/private keys in order to send sensitive information, etc. Once you are logged into the system, exchanging both protected and unprotected documents will be a similar experience.


SealPath for Outlook is now available on the SealPath Enterprise SaaS and On-Premise versions of SealPath, through annual subscriptions based upon the number of users who protect e-mails or attachments. It is available at a highly affordable cost on monthly or yearly subscriptions. Interested clients and channel partners are invited to trial SealPath for Outlook, contact us at